Anxiety Panic Attack: Symptoms and Treatment

May 6, 2012


Many experts already do deep analysis and research on anxiety panic attack. Mostly it is caused by stress and panic disorders. In fact, it is not very dangerous. However, it can get out of control and crazy too sometimes. When it gets that way, we should find the right solution. We need to leave the stressed out life and begin to treat it properly. There are several symptoms we may recognize.

People with anxiety panic attack commonly have raging heartbeat. They also feel hard to breath and nervous. Shaking and dizziness come to these people as well. Several other physical reactions like trembling, sweating, choking, sudden chills or hot flashes, nausea, and lightheadedness are the common symptoms. But many people may experience differently too. Psychologically, those people will feel stress, terror, frightened, and also fearful. It can be treated properly.

There are 3 major treatments for this problem. Breathing exercise on 5-2-5 form is popular and proven helpful. It is also completed with 30 minutes a day physical exercises, enough nutrition, and good sleeping habit. Next, we also need psychotherapy that includes behavioural and cognitive therapies, and also meditation. The last treatment for anxiety panic attack is medication that includes anti depressants and anti anxiety drugs. Those are helpful and proven effective.


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