Epidermal Growth Factor and Skin Cancer

May 6, 2012


Many people may already know this but are not familiar with the term. Epidermal Growth Factor or EGF is the specific growth factor that in the end stimulates cell growth, differentiation, and proliferation on your skin. EGF is produced by cells. Later, it is also taken by cell to stimulate the entire divide they need to make. However, several types of aggressive skin cancer are signalling through this.

Skin cancer is commonly caused by either one of these possibilities. First, cells may produce an excess amount of Epidermal Growth Factor, and this is not natural at all. That is why, skin cancer can happen. Second, cells produce receptor mutant form of it, and it is unnaturally active. Both are possible causes for skin cancer. However, expert already find a solution on this problem too.

The treatments offered by experts include two treatments. First, we can use antibodies to treat the outer surface. Second, we can also use drugs to treat it from the inside. Both treatments allow us to block the entire Epidermal Growth Factor growth binding. This inspires recent anticancer drugs. We need it to be on normal amount to avoid cancer as summary. And we already have the entire solutions so far.

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